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Digital Strategy: Death Claims Application Rollout



  • Digital solution for the handling of death claim submissions


Insurance Area 


  • Group Risk


Skill Sets 


  • Project Management

  • Project Scoping and Project Definition

  • Business & Data Analysis

  • Robotics




  • Data and Technology

  • Process Automation (Robotics)

  • Death Claims

  • User / System Testing, Training and Support




  • Ensure all stakeholders are familiar with the solution’s technical and functional capabilities

  • Ensure all relevant stakeholders are made aware of the strategic alignment of the proposed digital solutions as well as the potential benefits

  • Ensure data is received on a timely (regular basis) and processed to ensure completeness

  • Have a clear understanding of the data provided by different areas and the ownership thereof



A large South African financial services group, in the pursuit of realising their digital strategy, identified the need to ensure that a ‘familiarised’ customer experience is provided, given the wide adoption of digital solutions within the South African financial services environment. The requirement of building a userfriendly and interactive application to facilitate the submission of death claims by 3rd parties, on behalf of their members, was identified and prioritised as a digital solution to be implemented.


Monocle was tasked with managing the delivery of the desired solution, which involved managing the respective resource allocated to business analysis and requirements, development, testing and deployment. Furthermore, Monocle was tasked with defining and driving a suitable rollout process to allow for an iterative approach of rolling out the new application to 3rd party clients, while focusing on continuous knowledge transfer to the client’s staff to ensure the sustainability of the solution. A comprehensive training programme consisting of training materials and virtual facilitation of training sessions with the actual 3rd parties were also conducted. Lastly, Monocle assisted in defining and implementing the required support function to assist with handling business and technical related client queries.





  • Automated claim submission process between the client and their relevant 3rd parties

  • Quicker turnaround with less involved parties leading to reduced SLA(s)

  • More accurate results with less human interaction required

Key Skills Required


  • An understanding of the Group Risk landscape within a large Insurance company as well as the death claims process, from creating through to submitting a claim (including all the required documentation) and processing of payments

  • Technical knowledge on data governance principles such as completeness, accuracy, and timeliness

  • Process automation and robotics

  • Experience as execution partner to affect change on a project with this scope and size

"Monocle's project management capabilities aided us with the rollout of various digital initiatives, supporting our continued drive for a greater client experience with our stakeholders." - Head: Customer Relations

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