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Cloud Migration: QRM Solution onto AWS



  • Migration of QRM solution from Microsoft Azure private cloud to AWS public cloud


Banking area 


  • Group Engineering Services – Treasury IT


Skill sets


  • AWS Architecture and Services

  • Microsoft DevOps Pipeline

  • Microsoft Powershell

  • Microsoft HPC

  • Microsoft SQL (SSMS, SSRS)

  • QRM




  • Banking Automation

  • Cloud Migration

  • Group Technology 




  • Understand the current architectural design and short-comings before building a POC on AWS public cloud in order to cater for the final design and to be able to better manage cost expectations

  • Decouple as many processes as possible but keep costs in mind. Use AWS service offerings instead of relying on legacy applications and methods




A large retail bank had to migrate its risk management solution (QRM) from Microsoft Azure private cloud to AWS public cloud. The reason for the migration was that the Azure private stack reached it’s end of life. AWS public cloud was part of the bank’s overall technology strategy and AWS was therefore identified as the new architecture.


Monocle was tasked to assist and advise on the overall AWS public cloud architectural solution design and development as well as the automations for public cloud deployment. We were also tasked to build out the dynamic horizontal scaling of AWS Elastic Compute nodes as QRM required increased computing power. We were also tasked to build automated pipelines that recreated a fully domain joined environment from scratch for disaster recovery events. Our Monocle consultants were all AWS Certified and could advise on alternative AWS solution offerings.





  • Automated deployment of servers to cloud environment using pipelines

  • Enabled real-time monitoring of associated costs of servers

  • Automated horizontal scaling to provide QRM with increased compute power


Key skills required 


  • Understanding IT architecture and solution design

  • Understanding AWS Cloud Services and how to use these services effectively and appropriately

  • Technical expertise regarding the decoupling process and the utilisation of automation

"One of the smoothest transitions onto a new architecture. The first team to migrate a Microsoft Server application (QRM) of this kind to AWS within the bank." - Head: Treasury IT

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