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Data Governance: Data Quality Tool Development



  • Delivery of an automated and dynamic BCBS 239 tool as part of the centralised Treasury data mart.


Business area


  • Treasury IT


Skill sets 


  • SQL

  • SQL Server

  • QlikView

  • Azure DevOps

  • Microsoft Office




  • Define a comprehensive set of business rules and data quality requirements before commencing development

  • Understand the granularity of data sets and the flow of the data

  • Achieve business stakeholder buy-in when working across multiple 




A large retail bank tasked Monocle to develop a data quality tool to ensure Treasury and liquidity risk data was firstly, BCBS239 compliant and secondly, within the Treasury risk management thresholds provided by the business stakeholders. The bank required the tool to be dynamic, so it could be configured to cater for specific requests by multiple business units across their various data sets.


A significant deliverable was the end-to-end automation of the data quality checks inorder to remove current manual processes. Monocle was tasked with end-to-end delivery of the project and began by identifying, unpacking and documenting the regulatory requirements and business rules as specified by the bank’s Treasury team. A dynamic data quality model was then developed as per the requirements specified in the bank’s in-house developed ETL Tool using SQL.


Included in the model, Monocle developed an automated report that would be sent to all relevant stakeholders for review and sign-off on a monthly basis. The model required testing and sign-off by the Audit team and had to be completed in time to avoid penalties from the regulators. 





  •  Delivery of end-to-end automated data quality process

  •  BCBS 239 compliant data sets within Treasury 

  • Auditable BCBS 239 metrics and  reporting


Key skills required


  • Extensive knowledge of the Treasury banking function 

  • Understanding of in-house ETL tools for development of any tools within the Treasury space

  • Understanding model flow from source to target


"Monocle has proven to be such an asset on the project and the successful delivery of the project was highly dependent on their expertise." - Treasury COO 

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