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Data Centralisation: CIB Investment and Trade Data



For one of our banking client’s corporate and investment banking data division, Monocle was tasked with the design and development of a centralised data warehouse. This was done to improve the single view of customer capability across their asset management, short-term investments and structured finance divisions. This would allow various business and analytics users to access timely and complete data to understand the bank and its customers’ current financial obligations.


Monocle engaged with business to understand the business problem, customer and trade data requirements as well as the downstream reports and dashboards’ requirements. Due to the diverse and complex nature of the investments involved, the bank was reliant on numerous trading systems across its subsidiaries. Monocle had to investigate, understand and cater for the various data structures across these systems and design how the trade data could be linked to the bank’s client data through a centralised data model.


Ultimately, Monocle designed and created a dedicated data warehouse to be used by the bank’s technical users (data scientists) as well as a cube, along with the required reports for business users. This was then controlled through appropriate security access approvals. Overall, the project improved analysis and reporting efficiency as data could be sourced daily. The project delivered a view of each business at T+2 days whereas previously the data lag was 30 days.



  • Designed a data flow ETL process along with appropriate data models for each business unit to consolidate client and trade data – which came from disparate systems - into a central database, thereby populating a data cube and dashboard.



  • Due to the critical nature of the data for business MI, it is important to ensure consistent and strong data quality and task execution to maintain stakeholder confidence. This builds trust to ensure entrenched manual processes can be retired and replaced easily.
  • Be consistent and proactive in documenting new processes, data marts and reports/dashboards to ensure longevity of the delivered data assets



  • Centralised data warehouse and cube

  • Custom reports and dashboards

  • Improved analysis and reporting efficiencies

Key Skills Required


  • Knowledge of numerous database management systems to enable the sourcing of data from various systems into a dedicated data warehouse.
  • Knowledge of corporate & institutional investments to understand the data model requirements to meet business requirements.
  • Technical skills in cube, dashboards and reports development (SQL, PowerBI, Excel)

Banking Area


  • Corporate and Investment business units (cash investment, structuring and equity funds)
  • Trading systems

Skill Sets


  • Investment Product Expertise

  • Database Management Systems expertise

  • Cube and Dashboard Development



  • Corporate and Institutional Investment
  • Data Warehouse / Data Model
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • Data Quality

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