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Start with some of the best, join our graduate programme

At Monocle, we know that to be the best, we must have the best team behind us – a team made up of the brightest individuals who work together to deliver exceptional results.


Each year, Monocle welcomes a group of the finest analysts into our company, who complete an intensive in-house training programme at the start of their employment to prepare them for their new career within the company.


All candidates accepted into the Analyst Graduate Programme are guaranteed permanent employment, so we are looking for the perfect fit for the Monocle family and are committed to a long-term investment in the best talent available. What we do is unique, but we will ensure that you are prepared to take on the challenge through our comprehensive analyst programme, as well as ongoing mentorship from our top executives. On completion of your initial training, you will be elevated to the consulting team – and begin solving real-world banking and insurance challenges.

Over the years, Monocle has won many awards, but none have meant as much as being recognised as a ‘Top Employer’ by the international Top Employer Institute.


Having undergone a rigorous, multi-month audit process with Top Employer, this achievement reflects the success of Monocle’s people-centric business strategy. We wholeheartedly believe that if you provide the best possible work environment and people practices, you will attract and retain the top people in the industry and allow them to reach their full potential.

Why work at Monocle


At Monocle, we are passionate about what we do.


Monocle is passionate about our work: Monocle consultants gain an unparalleled breadth and depth of exposure to the banking and insurance industries, working closely with the most prestigious banks and insurers in South Africa and across Europe to implement dynamic solutions across the most critical areas of the financial industry.


Monocle is passionate about our people: We know that our biggest asset is our people. We invest heavily in our training and development programmes, ensuring that every employee has the opportunity to continually upskill themselves in a range of competencies. We also provide ongoing career advice through our mentorship programme, ensuring every employee is equipped to progress through each stage of their personalised career growth plan as they work towards their professional goals.


Monocle is passionate about our culture: We are people-people. Outside of work, we love nothing more than to engage and socialise with our colleagues at company events and through our many sports clubs. We believe that it is through the strong relationships we build internally that we have developed a strong culture of honesty, respect, and inclusivity.

Who we are looking for


At Monocle, we want to work with well-rounded individuals with the ability to adapt to challenges and think on their feet – the perfect balance between academic smarts, pragmaticism, critical thinking and a knack for solving complex business problems.


The perfect candidate will have a combination of the following attributes:


  • A postgraduate degree in a relevant field

  • A strong academic record with a proven track record of high-performance

  • Works well with others in a team

  • Passionate and competitive

  • Resilient and determined

  • Intelligent with empathy

  • Ability to think critically

  • Social and outgoing

  • Technically astute

  • Positive mindset

Take your career to the next level at a dynamic and innovative management consulting firm.

Recruitment Process

Assessment Test

A 60-minute, 90-question, online competency assessment test.

P&C Meet and Greet

A personal meeting with People & Culture to get to know you and to tell you more about Monocle.

Executive Interview 1

To discuss your skills, business knowledge, company fit and the structure of the Analyst Graduate Programme.

Executive Interview 2

Shortlisted candidates meet a second executive who will provide input to the final hiring decision.


A final offer is made by the P&C team to the candidate to join the Analyst Graduate Programme.

Our investment in you includes

Unparalleled training

World-class, formalised graduate programme based on industry requirements

Executive involvement

Lecture series conducted by our CEO and other executives

Skills Development

Technical and business skills development to allow a seamless transition into the working world

Real-world experience

Real-world experience working with top international banks and insurance companies


Formal mentorship and executive support


Permanent employment from day one


An opportunity to accelerate your career in management consulting.


A stimulating work-life balance, including numerous sporting clubs and company social events



If you ask any of our staff why they love working at Monocle, they will invariably tell you that it is all about our culture. We are heavily invested in making sure that we hire people who will work alongside us on continuously building one of the best corporate cultures within the management consulting industry.



"It perfectly prepares you for the work environment. The ability to think critically, working under pressure and effective problem solving isn’t something one can learn from textbooks."

Wilco Kamffer

"The amount of time and effort spent on providing new graduates with expert training really prepares graduates for ‘the real world’ far greater than any university is able to."

Rogan Pietersen

The training programme is unparalleled. Your skills are sharpened, you learn to think on your feet, code like a beast and make some lifelong friends. It took me from being a wet-behind the-ears grad to ready to swim in the corporate world.

Irma Burger

Our People and Culture team

Meet the team behind Monocle People and Culture

Refiloe Mothibi

Zolile Zikode

Lyle Stevens

Lyle Stevens talks through Monocle's recruitment process

Lyle Stevens